Meet the man teaching Congress to Meditate

breathwork meditation stress Dec 31, 2019

“Serenity is not finding calmer seas, serenity is building a better boat,” Soave claimed. “Meditation is a tool that helps you build a better boat, and you can navigate rough seas.”

New beginnings sometimes cause a lot of stress. When change occurs, waves of stress affect the entire country. No matter the party affiliation, people in the political process, like Congressmen and Senators lead especially busy and stressful lives.

Ryan Soave, a meditation instructor, is trying to change the stress brought on by politics. He has taught members of Congress and their staffers breathing techniques for focus and mindfulness. So why is this happening every week in Capitol Hill, of all places?

Soave told Independent Journal Review:

When the mind feels like it’s running out of time, like ‘I can’t get things done’ it’s really a way to declutter for a moment and say ‘okay this is what I’m doing right now so I can focus and be successful.’ The cluttered mind is what stops people from being successful.

He explained that practicing mindfulness has proven medical results and psychological benefits:

It can increase the secretion of melatonin, which helps you sleep. It increases the level of serotonin, which makes you feel good. It decreases the level of cortisol, which is the stress hormone.

So why does this help politicians? According to Soave, it not only reduces the stress in the daily life of a congressman but also creates space for collaboration in a transitioning government. Not only that, but it helps remove stress as a barrier to the tough decision-making they face everyday.


This article was run in the Independent Journal Review in 2017 and written by Emily Smith. 
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